I’m Ani, a rather weird specimen of the species homo sapiens sapiens. I’m a vegan and love to cook and create my own recipes, be they raw or cooked, sweet or salty, simple or elaborate. I also have a passion for art and exercise (I’m especially fond of running). I lead a secret life as a Sherlock and Doctor Who fangirl over on tumblr, where I satisfy my sciencuriosity, too.

I like to think about stuff and sometimes write pseudo-philosophical posts, sometimes I’ll just post some of my art, and sometimes you get a recipe. This is a blog that’s not quite sure what it wants to be, but wants to have fun and be happy while it’s doing that.

About the apricot part: If you translate my name from Japanese, it means “apricot from Nara” – thus Ani the Apricot.


Talk to me.

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