Late-Night Life Update

[If you were a little confused by the last post, I’m sorry; I know that’s not the kind of stuff I usually post – you come here to read my endless posts about my lame life, I’m sure, or (more likely) the recipe posts that used to be such a big part of this blog and which I have neglected lately (this might change soon!).]

Once again I am blogging when I should be sleeping. Nothing new there and I don’t think this will change in the near future because lots of things have happened, some of them quite literally life-changing.
I’ll probably forget to mention half of them, but here are those I can remember right now.

The most baffling one is probably that I got accepted into university in one of Germany’s most popular university cities straight away, meaning that I am officially a pharmacy student now – I still can’t quite believe it.

Something that’s no less astounding is that I actually managed to find an apartment close to my university – the area isn’t nice, exactly, the building is old and the kitchen is a so-called “single kitchen” (which basically means it’s tiny, has no oven, a microscopic refrigerator and a sorry excuse for a stove – I guess singles aren’t allowed to bake cake or eat well?) and to top it all off it’s quite expensive, but it’ll do for the first half year at least, I guess.
It does have a nice, new floor and a new bathroom and it’s quite big, so that’s good, but then there’s the slightly alarming ancient light fixtures and wrecked doorbell, too… anyway, with a bit lot of cleaning and fixing things, it’ll definitely be habitable. I have people in my family who have experience with installing lights and such, so that’s good.

I’m also quickly learning how to do things like finding an internet provider or power company, how to build a bed with storage (interested in a tutorial?) and how to find out if the guy you want to rent a flat from is trying to cheat you out of your money (people who offer fully furnished stylish flats for a low price, who live in another country, don’t reply to your questions and instead ask you to pay 1000€ in advance via Moneygram? Yeah, definitely scammers that should go to prison). Going to IKEA is definitely the most fun of all the adult things that come with renting an apartment.

There’s some unfortunate news as well: my Vitamix container is broken… the blades are mounted in a ball bearing and those aren’t waterproof, so sooner or later they’ll rust and stop turning. As it took six years for this to happen, I’m not particularly angry or grumpy, but it’s a major design flaw of the Vitamix and it sucks that it happened right now when I’m just about to move to a flat with only half a kitchen. I was looking forward to eating more raw food and more smoothies and soups, but that won’t be happening for a while, I guess. A 160€ Vitamix container isn’t exactly budget friendly, you know?
I might try to fix it myself by ordering a blade assembly part and replacing it, but I would have to order it from the US (takes ages and is expensive, meh).

Okay, on to the less life-changing things.

I dyed my hair with henna recently, which was interesting and turned out great – my hair feels even nicer than usual and it’s a reddish dark brown colour with copper red roots right now (I’m growing out faded black dye).
The colour and condition are the only good things about my hair right now, sadly. I’m still growing out the awful layers I was coerced into getting when I last went to the hairdresser (tip: extremely thick hair (iii, for those versed in hair things) and layers don’t mix, ever) and the cut looks like an old mop that’s been attacked by an axe murderer with bad aim.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this already, but I took up running again a few months ago and it’s going really well! I’ve fallen in love with it all over again and I experienced, by accident, why athletes train at high altitudes with low oxygen concentration – running with less oxygen is extremely difficult, as I found out by wearing two very restrictive sports bras together for a few weeks of running. Not being able to breathe properly during those runs led to me acing my hilly, chilly run (with a good sports bra) today.
I didn’t know what I was doing and you should never purposefully deprive your body of oxygen. Believe me, a little more bouncing is better than almost passing out after a ten minute run.

(As an aside – if your favourite underwired sports bra is poking you so badly you want to rip it in half, rustle up a temporary ghetto fix by sticking on some duct tape. Not glamorous, but it works.)

I think that covers most of the major life events. You should now feel adequately informed about what’s going on in my life (and it only took me 900+ words…).

Oh, one last thing – at the beginning of the post I said that I might start posting recipes more frequently again. As I only have half a kitchen (and ~10 hours of lab and school every day), those recipes will be very simple and probably cheap, too, but that’s not a bad thing in my book. The “Snapshot + Recipe” post was really popular, so I guess you like these kinds of recipes, too.


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