Blank Canvas.

I just deleted all of my previous blog posts.

There’s no real reason for this, except me being unhappy with the direction this blog was heading in, so I decided to start over.
I will gradually re-upload all of my recipes as well as most of the photos and art I had previously posted on this blog and I’ll also post more of both in the future.

I’ll get to work on reconstructing all of this as soon as possible. In the meantime, enjoy a cup of tea and a mango scone (it’s on the house!) and please be patient with me and my fickleness.

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2 thoughts on “Blank Canvas.

    • Thank you for asking.
      It seemed to me as if my blog was slowly morphing into a place where I wrote down my good intentions, complained about things that happened to me and tried to motivate myself (more or less sucessfully), and I don’t really want to write that kind of blog. I want to write accessible, interesting, perhaps even inspiring and funny posts (and recipes, of course).
      My knee injury, hypothyroidism and the respective consequences put me in a bad place (mentally and physically) and I shut myself off from things, struggling to ‘recover’ (for lack of a better word) which was apparent in my writing, I think.
      I’m feeling much better now and the prospect of writing posts that reflect that excites me. I didn’t want to post them alongside my old posts because I fear they’d clash dramatically, so I decided to start over. :)

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